WElink Energy (UK) Ltd announces it has signed a £1.1 billion strategic framework agreement with China National Building Materials Group to build renewable energy & affordable for sale, zero carbon housing developments in the UK.

In the Solar renewable energy sector, WElink Energy UK Ltd (“WElink”) and China National Building Materials (“CNBM”) through its technology subsidiary China Triumph International Engineering Corp (“CTIEC”), have built and connected 64MW of Solar Power last year and will now work with UK partner – Somerset based British Solar Renewables (“BSR”) to complete over 130MW in 2016.

In the Affordable Housing arena, CNBM is working in partnership with WElink to deploy a global, high quality, low cost housing solution. The solution is branded Barcelona Housing Systems (“BHS”)
and is a state-of-the-art, pre-engineered construction that has been designed by one of Europe’s longest established Architectural firms, Cesar Martinell & Associates.

BHS housing features a zero carbon building that is constructed with zero water usage and zero waste. The ‘Green Town” concept is further enhanced by the use of roof-top solar and waste-toenergy and storage technologies amongst other leading edge low carbon energy technologies. The WElink BHS strategy is to build factories locally that will create local employment opportunities and build Affordable Housing Communities that will regenerate development areas. The power of WElink’s BHS solution is the factory precision quality of the construction combined with the rapid
speed to market of building.

CNBM and WElink are initially committing over £800m for the first 8,000 housing units in the UK market. The BHS solution is set to deliver with BSR 4,000 units in 2016-18 and a further 4,000 units to follow with an appetite to accelerate further developments. Our housing is presently being constructed in Chile (first phase of a multi-year roll out 12,000 units), in Spain (first phase of a multiyear roll out of 15,000 units) and to shortly commence in Croatia for a 4,000 unit development.

The BHS global pipeline indicates the receptivity of a high quality, green, affordable solution to the housing challenge around the world.

Barry O’Neill CEO of WElink said:
“Given the priority the UK Government has placed on Clean Energy and Affordable zero carbon Housing, we are proud to present this decisive solution for the UK. Given the scalability of our BHS solution and the near zero energy buildings that are constructed in combination with the engineering, financial and strategic support of our Chinese partners, we believe we can expand
rapidly to fulfil the appetite for the development of Affordable Housing in the UK”

Song Zhiping, Chairman of CNBM said:
“WElink has been our trusted partner for the last 5 years and we are delighted to sign this Strategic Framework as a milestone for our rapid expansion in the UK and internationally in Renewable Energy
and Affordable Housing”

Aj Rahman, Chairman of WElink said:
“We are very excited about the potential global reach of the Energy Efficient Affordable Housing solution we are bringing to the market”

Angus MacDonald, MD at BSR said “This is tremendous news for our business and those wishing to have access to low cost housing. The opportunity could not be better timed in terms of the governments goals, our countries low carbon policy commitment and our growing need for more affordable homes. It will create a significant number of jobs in the development of this next generation of energy efficient housing”.