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WElink’s key takeaways from the Intersolar exhibition

Attending the Intersolar exhibition this year was an invigorating experience for WElink. The event not only showcased the latest advancements in solar technology but also offered a unique platform for networking and collaboration. Our team came away with valuable insights and a renewed sense of purpose in our mission to foster sustainable solutions. Here are the key takeaways from our time at Intersolar.

Overall impressions of the exhibition

A hub of innovation and growth

Intersolar continues to impress with its expansive scale and vibrant atmosphere. This year’s event was high on energy (pun unintended) and more bustling than previous iterations, a testament to the growing interest and investment in solar and renewable energy sectors.

Despite the exhibition being around the same time as SNEC, it maintained a strong attendance and showcased a remarkable breadth of innovations.

Welink's key takeaways from the Intersolar exhibition

The rise of battery energy storage systems (BESS)

One of the most striking trends at Intersolar was the increasing prominence of battery energy storage systems (BESS). The exhibition space dedicated to BESS has grown significantly, reflecting the crucial role these systems play in the renewable energy landscape. Our team was particularly impressed by the advancements in BESS technology and the potential they hold for enhancing energy efficiency and stability.

A platform for global collaboration

Intersolar provided an invaluable opportunity for global networking. WE engaged with numerous Eastern companies eager to enter the European market, highlighting the exhibition’s role as a gateway for international collaboration. The diverse array of exhibitors and attendees underscored the universal commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions.

Welink's key takeaways from the Intersolar exhibition

Quality and organization

The organization of Intersolar was commendable, with well-managed time slots and a balanced mix of meetings and exhibition time. The event’s layout facilitated efficient navigation and allowed ample time for both scheduled interactions and spontaneous discoveries.

Highlights and engaging aspects

Technical workshops and expert discussions

One of the most engaging aspects of Intersolar was the technical workshops and expert discussions. Internal workshops provided a platform for our team to consolidate knowledge and strategies, while external sessions offered insights into the latest industry trends and innovations. The discussions on hydrogen technology and its applications were particularly enlightening, emphasizing the importance of strategic distribution in maximizing its potential.

Innovations in PV and BIPV technologies

The exhibition featured significant advancements in photovoltaic (PV) and building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technologies. WE observed groundbreaking innovations in manufacturing processes and materials that promise to enhance the efficiency and aesthetic integration of solar panels in urban environments. Notably, the vast PV module manufacturers showcased manufacturing innovations, including colored sparkling modules and new module cleaning solutions with autonomous robots.

Photovoltaic and hybrid inverter solutions

A major highlight at Intersolar was the presentation of photovoltaic and hybrid inverter solutions paired with batteries. These innovations are set to revolutionize energy storage and management, offering more efficient and versatile options for integrating solar power into existing energy systems.

Diverse PV mounting structures

The exhibition also showcased a diverse array of PV mounting structures. These offerings are crucial for various installation scenarios, ensuring that solar panels can be effectively and securely mounted in different environments, from residential rooftops to large-scale commercial installations.

Energy management systems (EMS)

The proliferation of energy management systems (EMS) was another key highlight. These systems are critical for optimizing the performance and efficiency of renewable energy installations. WE were impressed by the range of EMS solutions available, which promise to drive significant improvements in energy management and sustainability.

Networking and partnership opportunities

Meeting with potential partners and exploring new collaborations was a vital part of our Intersolar experience. The event facilitated valuable interactions with industry leaders and innovators, opening doors for future partnerships and joint ventures. Discussions with companies specializing in PPA platforms provided insights into market pricing strategies and new avenues for project financing. It was enlightening to learn about the various platforms available for developers to access market pricing for PPAs, highlighting the dynamic nature of the renewable energy market.

New knowledge and insights

Technological innovations and cost reductions

Intersolar served as a window into the latest technological innovations and cost reduction strategies in the renewable energy sector. WE learned about the continued advancements in photovoltaic technology, including new materials and engineering techniques that enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar panels.

Energy storage and fire prevention

The exhibition provided valuable knowledge on the acoustic impact and fire prevention measures for BESS systems. Understanding these aspects is crucial for ensuring the safety and reliability of energy storage solutions, particularly as their adoption becomes more widespread.

Supplier and market dynamics

Interacting with various suppliers at Intersolar offered fresh insights into the market dynamics and supply chain stability. WE gained a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and the emerging trends that will shape the future of renewable energy. Additionally, WE explored project finance arrangements with suppliers, further enriching our knowledge of the financial aspects of renewable energy projects.

AI and machine learning in renewable energy

The integration of AI and machine learning in renewable energy systems was a notable theme at Intersolar. Companies are leveraging these technologies to predict maintenance needs and optimize energy production, moving from traditional to predictive maintenance models.

Technology and software for energy management

The exhibition introduced advanced technology and software for managing, operating, and controlling energy systems. These innovations are crucial for maximizing installation revenue and ensuring the efficient operation of renewable energy projects.

Siemens’ experience in Africa

From a WElink perspective, one of the most insightful experiences was our interaction with Siemens, who shared his extensive experience with renewable projects in Africa. Representatives from Siemens emphasized the importance of starting small and gradually building a network of reliable partners to ensure successful project execution. They shared valuable case studies from Siemens’ projects, illustrating the practical challenges and solutions in deploying renewable energy in diverse African markets. Moreover, they offered to connect us with key contacts in Africa who have substantial experience with commercial and industrial (C&I) projects, providing a potential avenue for expanding WElink’s footprint in the region. These face-to-face interactions, alongside meetings with potential and current partners, were immensely beneficial, reinforcing the value of personal engagement in fostering strong business relationships.

Welink's key takeaways from the Intersolar exhibition


Intersolar 2024 was a resounding success for WElink, providing a rich tapestry of insights, innovations, and networking opportunities. The event underscored the rapid advancements in renewable energy technologies and the critical role of collaboration in driving sustainable progress. As WE continue our journey towards building a better planet, the knowledge and connections gained at Intersolar will be invaluable. WE look forward to leveraging these insights to enhance our projects and partnerships, ensuring that WElink remains at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.

Project Coordinator, WElink Energy, Africa

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The Project Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of assigned WElink projects, from pre-construction, construction, to the post-construction phases, ensuring timely completion, adherence to quality standards, and compliance with safety regulations.The Project Coordinator will report to the Project Manager and will be responsible for reporting on project progress and raising gaps in performance to WElink’s management and ensuring corrective measures.

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