WElink Homes
Leading the Transformation
of How the Industry Builds

Our Vision

A New & Better Way to Build

The future of home building is changing. The housing sector, in its present form, is unable to address the homes crises that are now a common feature in economies right across the globe. Clearly, a new vision for delivering housing is required. At WElink Homes, we believe that the combination of Off-Site Manufacturing and the “Industry 4.0”-powered technology convergence will re-shape how housing is delivered.

Though the housing sector is reluctant to embrace change, we believe the future is centred on manufacturing, rather than construction, excellence. We see market forces and industry challenges driving the housing sector away from being one that is centred around projects to one that is centred around products, where the off-site manufacture of housing components, and their subsequent assembly on site, will become the new norm.

In this future, today’s industry incumbents will be challenged by innovators, such as WElink Homes, who offer integrated end-to-end solutions – design, manufacturing, logistics, assembly and O&M – that deliver precision-engineered superior quality home solutions. WElink Homes is at the vanguard of this generational opportunity to drive transformational change throughout the housing sector.

Our Approach

The future of the housing sector is not just a construction story. It’s also about manufacturing, supply-chain and logistics, and the convergence of technologies that change how the sector delivers homes, and how we live in those homes. WElink Homes is embracing this industry transformation, and is growing its business on four pillars:


Be Vertically Integrated

A fully integrated, end-to-end home service provider, with full control over the key nodes in the development value-chain


Own our Global Supply Chain

Curated, high-quality materials, procured in bulk from our strategic supply partners in the UK alongside growing supply chain from international markets including China


Standardise, yet Customise

Value-creating strategy of marrying the efficiencies of manufactured standardised products off-site with local market facing customisation


Be fully integrated as an organisation

Fully connected organisationally. Factories and off-site manufacture are an extension of on-site homes projects, to enable seamless delivery of our end-solution to our customers

Our Off-site Manufacture Model

Faster build leads to stronger returns on capital

Factory process enables high quality and consistency

Significant energy cost savings

Faster speed of construction delivers more homes with less labour

  • Superstructure installation targeted in 48 hours on traditional constructed slab foundation.
  • Overall build times targeted at eight weeks, circa three times faster than traditional methods.
  • Factory production of panels for walls, roofs and floors not affected by weather issues.
  • Addressing the labour skills shortage evident in the housing sector.
Factory precision engineering delivers high quality homes

  • Through-wall panellised system allows all superstructure materials to be assembled in factory.
  • Factory system delivers homes consistently to high quality and with low tolerances of variation.
  • Production line generates benefits of controlled environment with quality control.
High energy efficient homes with renewables through choice

  • High levels of insulation and construction detailing in homes will reduce energy demand of homes.
  • Solar PV renewable technology in homes will generate energy and reduce reliance on grid.
  • Smart energy technology expected to allow consumers to better manage their energy use.
  • Homes targeted to significantly reduce energy demand and costs.
Flexible finish and appearance leads to local market acceptance
  • External fenestration to suit local market requirements – wall finish, roof tiles, windows and doors.
  • Standard plan form houses which can benefit from scale efficiencies of factory production but are capable of elevation tosuit local vernacular – not limited due to its off site manufacture nature.
Committed strategic funding from China National Building Material ensures delivery of projects
  • Land/Development partners will be able to rely on the ‘patient capital’ financial support from CNBM.

Global Partnership

Supply & Logistics

Design & Contracting

Design & Contracting

WElink and CTIEC

Design & Contracting

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