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With every project, WE are meeting the world's energy needs in a sustainable way. WE are powered by people, and our collective mission is to make clean energy accessible to everyone.

Our energy team has surpassed remarkable milestones, completing 1GW of projects across several nations and possessing an additional 4GW pipeline. I am thrilled to be part of this growth journey.

John Murphy
CEO, WElink Energy

Learn from our people how we’re building
a better and brighter future, one watt at a time.

The Inception

WElink Energy has been part of the energy transition since 2007.

WElink Energy has evolved and grown during the emergence of a new sensibility in green discourse – the shift from the distant and theoretical to the accepted and immediate. 

Better planet now is what our team are contributing to today and will have a sustainable and lasting impact on future generation.

Our superpower

  • The David among the Goliaths
    WE have been part of the energy transition since 2007. With a reputation as an early market entrant, WE have achieved significant milestones in an industry dominated by major utilities and institutional investors.
  • First mover advantage
    Our team developed the first unsubsidised Solar PV project in Europe in 2018, and then developed the first major scale Solar PV scale project in Portugal in 2021. Scale will be constantly overtaken, but being first reflects thespirit within our team.
  • Powered by synergy
    WE have evolved through effective and lasting collaboration with partners. There’s great value to be created when we combine our own strengths with others who share our vision for a sustainable future.

Charging up for the future.

In the next phase, WElink Energy will deliver a 4 GW pipeline of Solar PV, Wind, Storage, and Hybrid projects, expanding across Europe and Sub Saharan Africa in utility scale and C&I sectors. With a portfolio exceeding 1 GW, we're now accelerating development with a remarkable 4 GW pipeline.

We're looking for dedicated individuals who share our vision and culture to join us in making a positive impact. If you resonate with our mission, we invite you to connect with us.

Clean energy now

Our portfolio has the ability to produce renewable energy to circa 200,000 homes.

Our portfolio has the ability to produce
renewable energy to circa 200,000 homes.

Success Is
the full circle.

Success isn't just a milestone; it's the entire journey. In close collaboration with our strategic partners, we've woven a fabric of excellence, firmly rooted in design, precision execution, and astute asset management.

Our track record isn't just a testament to our competence; it's a promise of value, reliability, and impactful partnerships you can count on.

  • Development
    WE specialize in greenfield development and co-development, taking projects from concept to 'Ready to Build' (RTB). Our approach combines our in-house expertise with the knowledge of our partners, ensuring flexibility tailored to each project's unique needs.

    Our seasoned team excels at negotiating land agreements, collaborating with national Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to secure grid permits, and obtaining project design approvals. We're adept at working with government bodies to streamline building permit approvals.
  • Construction project management
    WE provide construction supervision and project management for our own construction projects and offer these services to third-party project owners, including leading institutional investors in multiple countries.

    Our team has delivered construction supervision and project management services to over 700 MW of projects.
  • Asset management
    WE are your partner for optimizing project assets through WElink Energy Asset Management Services (WEAM). We not only manage our own projects in operation but also extend our expertise to third parties, including leading institutional investors.

    WEAM offers tailored services, from select offerings to comprehensive asset management, tailored to meet each owner's specific requirements.
  • Financing
    WE are experts in the realm of project financing. Our strength shines through as we consistently secure financing for various facets of projects, be it development, construction, or long-term endeavours. We’ve successfully secured numerous EPC+F contracts and over EUR 400 million in funding for our development and construction ventures highlighting our prowess in the field.

    Our parent company WElink Group is not only adept at securing financial backing; but excels in collaborating with a diverse range of partners, including private entities, family offices, and prestigious institutions.

Our core markets

  • Iberia
    Hugo Paz
    General Manager, Portugal
    Total Projects:
    Total MW(PV): 650 MW
    Total MW (Battery): 2500 MW
    Want to make a meaningful difference in Iberia?
  • Italy

    Leading WElink Italy has been a personally fulfilling journey, driven by our team's unwavering commitment and dynamic energy to advance the renewables revolution in our country.

    Angelo Prete
    General Manager, WElink Italy
    Total Projects:
    Total MW(PV): 650 MW
    Total MW (Battery): 2500 MW

    Italy, a trailblazer in global renewables since the mid-2000s, bears testament to our culture of collaboration and unwavering competence.

    Our 15 years of industry experience, expertise in PV plants and track record of delivering over 300MW of clean energy, with an ambitious 1GW pipeline, have solidified our position as a driving force for positive change in our nation.We don't just harness the sun; we ignite Italy's bright future and inspire the world in our own little way.

    Want to make a meaningful difference in Italy?
  • Africa

    When presented with the opportunity to lead WElink Africa, I was energized by the prospect of harnessing the power of entrepreneurship to create positive change.

    Paul Larkin
    General Manager, WElink Africa
    Presence: 7 Countries
    Current Pipeline: 300 MW
    Focus: 2500 MW

    We have unwavering faith in Africa and its people as catalysts for transformation. Whilst the green energy landscape is in its infancy, WElink Africa is committed to accelerating its evolution.

    Working in step with our partners, we are actively propelling a vision for Africa centred around empowering communities and creating environments that enable sustainable development.

    The WElink Africa team embodies a culture of entrepreneurship, resilience, and unwavering action. Challenges don't deter us; they propel us forward. Our vision is crystal clear: to forge a GREEN platform for Africa, one that improves lives, nurtures opportunities for sustainable growth and fosters prosperity for all stakeholders.

    Want to make a meaningful difference in Africa?

WElink Energy team

Proudly making fossil fuels jealous Since 2007

Breandan MacAmhlaoibh

Angelo Prete
General Manager, Italy

Hugo Paz
General Manager, Portugal

Paul Larkin
General Manager, Africa

Joss Ealey
General Counsel

Matteo Forcati
Contracts Manager

Guillermo Gallego
Head of Asset Management

Nuno Costa
Project Manager Wind

Maria Jimenez
Head of Procurement

Guillermo Fidalgo
Head of Engineering

Olaedo Osoka
Head of Operations, Africa

Yannick Tampango
Project Manager, Africa

Boubacar Sidibe
Country Manager, Mali

Carlos Romero
Asset Manager

Luca Brugnetti
Technical Manager

Juan Martinez
Contracts Manager, Iberia

Nicola Lombardi
Technical Manager

Belen Bua
Senior Accountant

David Diaz
Asset Manager

Jonathan Hortiguela
Construction Manager

Lucrezia Fausin
Legal Counsel

Arnau Busquets
Project Engineer

Antonio Rozas
Junior Asset Manager

Tiago Rebelo
Operations & Maintenance Manager

Cristina Pereira
Accounts Assistant

Francisco Baptista
Site Engineer

Jesus Salado
Site Manager

Manuel Cortes
Electrical-Mechanical Supervisor

Roman Serra
H&S Manager, Iberia

Antonio Iglesias
Electrical Supervisor

Find us here:

WElink Group
Units 33 – 38, Hyde Building,
The Park, Carrickmines,
Dublin, D18 R9P2, Ireland

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Project Coordinator, WElink Energy, Africa

WElink Energy is recruiting a Project Coordinator to oversee all facets of project development for our opportunities in Africa, including design, engineering, procurement, supply chain, project management, construction activities, and commissioning.

The Project Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of assigned WElink projects, from pre-construction, construction, to the post-construction phases, ensuring timely completion, adherence to quality standards, and compliance with safety regulations.The Project Coordinator will report to the Project Manager and will be responsible for reporting on project progress and raising gaps in performance to WElink’s management and ensuring corrective measures.

How to Apply:  To be considered for this position, please email your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]